Asbestos Detector

The asbestos real time detector by Alert is due to be launched next year.  Whilst the technology looks exciting the company appear to be targeting it at the likes of plumbers and electricians.  Unless I am missing the point the unit detects airborne fibres – asbestos doesn’t tend to be airborne unless it is disturbed – if a tradesmen is using it to detect airborne fibres then presumably they are the ones that have disturbed the asbestos!

Shouldn’t the market be restricted to removal companies and consultancies?


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Asbestos news from around the world.

Wittenoom: The Valley of Death

Situated to the North of Perth, Western Australia, Wittenoom was a small town established in the 1940′s to service the adjacent Wittenoom Gorge asbestos mine.  This story is told by Lorraine Kember, who’s husband died of mesothelioma, after contracting the disease when he was exposed to asbestos when he lived as a child for a number of months within the town of Wittenoom.

As we so often read this is another case of governments acting too slowly and placing more importance on economy rather then health.

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Hatch Consultancy Launched

Hatch Consultancy, a specialist asbestos management consultancy are pleased to announce that it has commenced trading in March 2013.  The company is run by a Chris Pearce, an individual who has almost 20 years experience within the asbestos consultancy industry and who hold the British Institute of Occupational Hygiene Society (BOHS) S301 Certified Competent Person (asbestos) – CCP.


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