Asbestos Identification in Exeter

Asbestos was once widely used and has been used in a variety of different types of building materials – it is estimated that approximately 3000 products have been manufactured using asbestos.

Some of the most common uses for asbestos are found within roofing tiles / roof sheets / ceiling tiles / floor tiles and textured paint coatings although any products used for thermal or acoustic insulation or fire proofing may contain asbestos.  The only way to ascertain whether or not a material contains asbestos is to take for a sample to be taken for analysis.

It may be necessary to identify asbestos prior to purchasing a house or if you are planning to disturb any asbestos containing materials in carrying out building work. It is also a legal requirement to identify asbestos in all non-domestic premises, which includes communal areas of flats.

Hatch Consultancy provides asbestos identification services to clients throughout Exeter, Devon and the South-West. As accredited asbestos professionals, we will be able to conduct asbestos identification in line with The Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012.