Asbestos Inspections in Taunton

It’s always noted that if asbestos is not damaged or disturbed in any way and it remains in good condition then it poses little danger to the health of humans. However, over time asbestos-based products can degenerate or become damaged, and in order to comply with asbestos regulations identified asbestos should be monitored to ascertain what condition the asbestos is in and a record made.

The extent, the location and the condition of the asbestos determines how often the asbestos needs to be inspected – the greater the risk, the more frequently an inspection needs to take place.

Are you looking for a local company who can carry out re-inspection services as part of your controlled asbestos management programme?

Then Hatch Consultancy is ideally-placed to carry out asbestos inspections in Taunton. We can inspect the property to determine the current condition of the asbestos, updating you’re asbestos records and asbestos management plan in accordance with the asbestos regulations.