Asbestos Management Surveys in Devon & Cornwall

Many SME’s are unaware of their legal responsibility to manage the risk of asbestos and it is only when they come to sell the premises or renew mortgages or insurance that they are notified of this requirement.

Property owners or duty holders have a legal responsibility under CAR 2012 to manage the risk of asbestos in all non-domestic properties. This responsibility involves assessing the risk of asbestos and having a written plan to manage the risk.

Hatch Consultancy is a specialist asbestos management company offering a professional and independent asbestos consultancy service throughout Devon and Cornwall and further afield. We can help you understand and adhere to the latest asbestos regulations, working to ensure both you and anybody else who visits the premises is safe from harm.

For asbestos management surveys in Devon and Cornwall, Hatch Consultancy is ideally-placed to help you manage all your responsibilities.

Hatch Consultancy offers a wide range of asbestos management services to meet your needs and concerns regarding asbestos on your premises, including management plans, surveys, inspections and a cost effective means of controlling the removal process.

For asbestos solutions look to Hatch Consultancy.