Asbestos Sampling Exeter

Often once you have had a home buyers survey the surveyor may make reference to possible asbestos materials within the property.  This could be in the form of roof tiles, textured coatings or panelling.

In order to confirm if a material contains asbestos a small sample needs to be taken and analysed under a microscope for asbestos fibres.  The process itself involves a qualified asbestos surveyor visiting the site and taking a sample of the suspect material – this sample is then analysed at a UKAS accredited laboratory.  Typically the process takes between 24-48 hours.

Hatch Consultancy is an asbestos management company offering a specialist consultancy service in Exeter and the South West. We can carry out asbestos surveys, sampling and management for anyone who suspects asbestos on their premises. Hatch Consultancy boasts an experienced team of asbestos sampling professionals who are equipped to carry out all the tests needed to locate and identify asbestos. Following the asbestos sampling Hatch Consultancy offer free advice to clients in Exeter and and the south-west on how to deal with the asbestos material.