Asbestos Survey Truro

Since the introduction of the Control of Asbestos at Work Regulations in 2002 there is a legal requirement to manage the risks from asbestos in all non-domestic premises – this includes communal areas in shared premises and also extends to social housing.

If you have the responsibility for the maintenance of a property then you have the responsibility for managing any asbestos that may be present.  In order to manage the asbestos, usually through a document called an asbestos management plan, you firstly need to identify and assess any asbestos through an asbestos survey.

An asbestos survey reports on the location, type, nature of and extent of any asbestos. In line with HSE guidance, there are two types of asbestos survey – the Asbestos Management Survey (which covers general occupation of the premises) and the Asbestos Refurbishment and Demolition Survey.  The latter has to be completed before any refurbishment or demolition work can be carried out on a property.

On completion of the asbestos survey, a full asbestos survey report will be produced which will allow the duty holder to create an Asbestos Management Plan to comply with all the latest asbestos regulations.

Hatch Consultancy are experienced in carrying out asbestos building surveys to locate and identify the presence of asbestos in Truro and the South West. For your asbestos survey report, contact Hatch Consultancy.