Cornwall Asbestos Services

Do you suspect that you have asbestos in your home or place of business?

Asbestos can be present anywhere, in a house or in a large factory building. Materials containing asbestos need to be identified by a company that offers asbestos services before a suitable course of action can be implemented.

With asbestos, removal is not always the best option. An asbestos consultancy service may advise the asbestos to remain untouched – asbestos only poses a health danger if it is disturbed or damaged in some way. The option to manage and monitor the asbestos may prove the solution, and management and risk assessment will mean that the asbestos remains in-situ and is simply monitored regularly for any signs of disturbance.

Non-domestic properties should have an asbestos management plan set up and in operation to ensure that anyone working on the premises is not exposed to potentially harmful asbestos. This remains the responsibility of the duty holder.

If you’re looking for asbestos services within Cornwall or the South West, Hatch Consultancy offers a cost effective solution to asbestos management. From consultancy to the ongoing monitoring of the current condition of the asbestos, Hatch Consultancy offers a wide range of asbestos services designed to meet your needs and concerns regarding asbestos on the premises.