Looking for asbestos inspections Plymouth

The Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 stipulates that the condition of all asbestos-based products need to be inspected and recorded regularly. Inspections should usually be carried out on at least an annual basis as an ongoing means of monitoring the condition of the asbestos.

Over time asbestos-based products can deteriorate or sustain damage, potentially becoming a risk to anyone on the premises. However, asbestos need not be something to be concerned about, especially if you’re monitoring it as you should.

An explicit duty of the employer or property owner is to manage the risks posed by asbestos on the premises. The key to managing asbestos is to employ an asbestos specialist to identify the location, condition, type and the extent of the asbestos. It can then be decided whether or not it’s best to remove the asbestos, as opposed to monitoring its condition.

Hatch Consultancy offers asbestos inspections to clients across Plymouth and further afield. We can then conduct re-inspections in accordance with asbestos regulations, taking samples and drawing up surveys to monitor and assess the risk posed by asbestos. With a team of asbestos professionals we can carry out any asbestos inspections required.