South West Asbestos Management

The Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 defines all aspects of asbestos management so that duty holders know how to act if they have asbestos on their premises. Duty holders are responsible for implementing an asbestos plan which would involve the ongoing monitoring and maintenance of asbestos containing material.

The team at Hatch Consultancy can provide independent advice and solutions that minimise disruption for clients in the south-west. Asbestos containing materials are generally safe if they remain intact and in sound condition. If disturbed, they can pose a danger to humans. When asbestos containing material is identified and found to be in good condition, the best way of dealing with it is to leave it in situ and manage and monitor its condition on a regular basis.

An asbestos management plan takes into account the risks involved and sets out a means of controlling them. The asbestos management plan can include an action plan, information taken from conducting an asbestos survey, and the roles and responsibilities of those involved.

The management plan is merely a starting point for your asbestos monitoring. Once the plan is in place, asbestos management will always be ongoing, protecting the safety of everyone who may come into contact with asbestos containing material on the premises.