St Austell Asbestos Management

Asbestos-related diseases account for approximately 4,000 deaths each year within the UK. A large number of those deaths are work-related, and frequently occur among those in the building trade, and those who are heating engineers, plumbers and electricians. Exposure, especially prolonged exposure, to asbestos fibres increases the likelihood of suffering from any number of potentially incurable diseases, such as lung cancer. It’s really no surprise that the word ‘asbestos’ holds fear for so many.

If asbestos is not in a condition whereby it is deemed hazardous to health then it’s advisable not to remove it as doing so could create a hazard in itself. Now banned in the EU, asbestos was used regularly as a form of insulation and fire proofing material in the UK until 1999. Asbestos can still be a presence in many buildings, but unless the material’s fibres are disturbed or damaged in any way, the asbestos will not pose a threat.

Are you concerned about the possibility of asbestos on your premises?

Hatch Consultancy is an asbestos management company, offering an independent asbestos survey and consultancy service throughout Devon, Dorset, Somerset and Cornwall. We find the solution to each individual asbestos-related problem.