Devon lady dies from historical asbestos exposure

A woman died of an asbestos-related cancer which she may have contracted from dust on her father’s work overalls decades before as a child.

An inquest heard 59-year-old Julie Elizabeth Lawless, of Wrights Lane, Torquay, Devon died on New Year’s Eve 2015 from mesothelioma.

She had been diagnosed with the cancer ‘ linked to exposure to¬†asbestos ‘ in September last year.

Torbay and South Devon coroner Mr Arrow said: “On the balance of probabilities Julie has been exposed to asbestos during her lifetime.

“I am satisfied she’s been exposed to asbestos dust in her family, in so far as her father’s dust on his overalls, or may have been exposed to dust at work. She died from mesothelioma.

“On the balance of probabilities she contracted it as a result of exposure to asbestos dust during her lifetime.”

The inquest heard from Mrs Lawless’ sister Elaine Cowell.

She said their father had been an engineer for BT and his job involved cutting cables lagged with asbestos.

“He would come home in uniform and flakes used to come off,” she said.



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