Asbestos Removal Specification

Asbestos Removal Specification

As in many construction related industries the procurement of asbestos removal contractors can be a tricky business.  Unfortunately it is true to say that some contractors may well submit below industry standard costs in the full knowledge that they will be able to charge the client additional ‘extras’ which may well exceed the costs submitted by other companies.

It is therefore critical to ensure that when tendering asbestos removal works that contractors prices reflect like for like work and that there is no room for extras to be charged. It is also important to ensure that any asbestos removal work is carried out in accordance with all the latest asbestos regulations and approved codes of practice, rather than contractors looking for shortcuts which may well lead to the works needing to be redone or the HSE investigating.

The production of a detailed asbestos removal specification will ensure that works are undertaken to the highest possible standard and that the tender prices received reflect the exact requirement of the client, without the potential of costly extras to be charged.

Asbestos Removal Specifications are extremely cost effective and are the best way to tender, control and manage asbestos removal projects and are strongly recommended particularly for larger projects.

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