Asbestos Compliance Analysis

Asbestos Compliance Analysis

There are many health and safety regulations that directly or indirectly place duties on employers in relation to asbestos.  In order to ensure that your company is compliant with these, Hatch Consultancy can undertake a desktop study of your existing information and policies.

The review will ensure that any existing asbestos information is compliant with current regulations and identify any areas of deficiency.

The key areas of compliance are as follows:

  1. Have you taken all reasonable steps to identify or presume the location of all asbestos containing materials (ACMs) as far as reasonably practicable?
  2. Have you assessed the likelihood of anyone being exposed to asbestos (priority assessments)?
  3. Have you got a written record of the location and condition of any ACMs (Asbestos survey / Asbestos Re-inspection). Is this up to date?
  4. Have you repaired or removed any materials that may be disturbed or are in a poor condition?
  5. Have you prepared a plan to manage the risks?

It is important to review and monitor your asbestos management procedures at regular intervals to ensure on-going compliance.

The extent and complexity of the plan should be proportionate to the extent and complexity of the buildings managed. A few simple steps may be all that is required, as long as they are effective in stopping anyone from disturbing asbestos.

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